4 Tricks to Marry Text and Image

4 Tricks to Marry Text and Image

Images combined with text are a powerful way to communicate. In this article, discover some tips to help you marry perfectly text and image.

Text and image are useful and effective ways to communicate. However, images combined with text are a better and more effective means of communication. They are an incredible way to say a lot, quickly and easily. They may also “show” less, “tell” more and boost people engagement.

More and more images with text are created and used in various contexts. To help you make your text stand out and properly marry it with your images, here are 4 tips you should consider.

1.   Use a solid block of color

Use a solid block of color

Because it’s so hard to read text on a busy background, you should consider images with a solid color for a large section. With this type of images, you can use the empty spaces as “copy space” to add your text. This mode helps you display clearly your text while still showing the major characteristics of your image.

To highlight your text and make it easy to read, you should use light text if the solid color is dark and dark text when it’s light.


2. Use a transparent background

Use a transparent background

Is your image busy or without blank spaces? No problem! Just make your image lighter. For the best results, use black or another dark color on your transparent background. Making your image transparent allows you to increase the legibility of your text and make it look smoother.


3. Use a transparent shape

Use a transparent shape

Shapes are like text areas. If you want to use your background image without spoiling its main features by making it lighter, insert a shape on your image. You can design it as circle, triangle, heart or whatever you want. It’s a great way to bring your message into focus. Depending on the color of your text, make it light or dark. If your shape is dark, add a light text to make your message easy to read and clearer.


4. Use a sans serif font

Use a sans serif font

To marry text with images, try a sans serif font. This type of font is geometric and looks better on screen. It’s also more readable and balance well with a textured background.

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