Introducing Pikiz WordPress Plugin: Quickly design beautiful blog images 

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the Pikiz WordPress plugin. The plugin brings Pikiz handy editor in your WordPress blog to help you easily create blog images.

Pikiz is an editor that helps you create and share unlimited images as you browse the web. In mere minutes, even if you don’t have advanced skills in graphic design, you can create effective and beautiful images for your marketing campaigns, brand your business or simply share with friends.

Today, we are so thrilled to extend the Pikiz experience to your WordPress dashboard.

In fact, research in marketing shows that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without. So, to increase the visibility of your blog, you should illustrate your articles with images.

That’s why we built the Pikiz plugin!

The Pikiz plugin allows you to create and customize images before inserting them in your blog post.  The plugin is free and once installed, you have access to all Pikiz editor features (free and premium). You can add text to your images, choose your favorite font, change the text color and size and apply creative filters. You can also upload your own stickers or logos.

Moreover, if you have no idea of what kind of images to use, the Pikiz plugin offers you a comprehensive collection of photographs. Images are organized by categories to simplify your research; just pick one or upload your own.

Another important feature of the Pikiz WordPress plugin is the photo crop option. With it, you can easily crop your photo and fit it with your WordPress theme image size preset. This feature also helps you crop the unnecessary elements out of your image and only highlight its key characteristics. All you have to do is select the WordPress default image ratio, or crop your image using custom height and width.

In addition, the Pikiz plugin gives you the possibility to customize your blog post featured image before setting it.


  • 1000+ free background images,
  • 350 awesome stickers,
  • Around 200 nice fonts,
  • Option to upload images, stickers and logos,
  • Filters, overlay to customize images,
  • Customized text layouts (color, size and background color) to compose beautiful messages.
  • Customize and automatically set blog post featured image.
  • Option to crop and resize images.

We are currently working on new features to make your edition experience much easier.
Get the Pikiz WordPress plugin now and start designing stunning blog post images.