Create and Share Viral Images from Anywhere with Pikiz

Images combined with text are the most widespread way to share ideas and engage people on the web. Making beautiful engaging images is very difficult for most people who have no skills in photo editing.

It would be great if anyone could easily create and share viral images in a few minutes. That’s why we engineered Pikiz, the easiest way for you to make your quotes and images go viral.

What’s Pikiz?

Pikiz is an extension or bookmarklet you install in your browser in one click. It allows you to create and share unlimited images as you browse the web. The process is seamless, easy and very quick. In less than five minutes, even if you are not a graphic designer, you can create effective and beautiful images for your marketing campaigns, to brand your business or simply for sharing with friends.

In your browser, with the Pikiz button select any text that inspires you. Transform it into a beautiful image quote and share it with the world. You can also share your own ideas and concepts this way to make them go viral.

That’s not all. Each time you discover some funny images, jokes or any other interesting images, just click the Pikiz button to customize them and share them with your friends, family or followers. You can create as many of them as you want.

How to get the Pikiz button in your browser

To use the Pikiz button, you need to install the extension or add the bookmarklet to your browser.

The Pikiz extension is currently available for Google Chrome web browser and Mozilla Firefox web browser. You can download it from the extensions page or get it at your browser store.

The bookmarklet is for any browser. Like the extension, it allows you to create beautiful images from any website. You can also get it from the extensions page.

How does it work?

Once installed as extension, the Pikiz button is activated each time you open a new page. If you’re using the bookmarklet instead, you need to click on it to activate the button after opening a new page.

A button labelled “Caption this” will appear while you mouse over images and a “Quote this” button when you select text. Clicking on these buttons will open the editor.

Caption and Quote button respectively on an image and selected text

There are many easy-to-use features in the editor to express yourself. Choose your favorite font, change the text color and size, choose high quality background images or upload your own, and many more options. You can also apply amazing filters and use various emoji, stickers, your logo, to customize your images and give them your personal touch. You can do all of this without advanced skills in photo or graphic editing. Try it now to see how easy it is.

We hope you will have a great experience with Pikiz. Install it now in your browser and let us know how you use it and what you do with it. We’re always looking forward to your feedback.