4 Tips to Optimize Text Impact on Social Media

4 Tips to Optimize Text Impact on Social Media

Words play a very important role in communication. However, they can fail to deliver a powerful message when we don’t use them well. Imagine a gemstone used in jewelry (diamond, sapphire, emerald…). When raw, it gets a mere glance. Now, let’s look at the difference when the same stone is cut and polished. We are lost in admiration and contemplation for hours on end. It is the same thing with words: grabbed attention is the first step towards the achievement of your objective.

To have a considerable text impact, there are a few things you should consider.

1- Define your reader

We don’t perceive things in the same way! This explains why communicative approaches should differ from one target to another. Many businesses fail to define their specific target. They try instead to get more success by expanding their target audience.

It is important to list everything about your ideal reader. Be as specific as possible! After defining your reader’s profile, enter his or her mind. Ask yourself some questions. What do I know about her/him? …

Once you have defined your audience and gathered all necessary information, you can start thinking about the best way to get them focused.

2- Format your text

Now that you know more about your reader, you can better formulate your message. Use language that resonates with them!

Add a touch of humor to your message. Who doesn’t like humor? A smile from your audience is a sign of success. Most of the time, our mistakes come from the desire to make things perfect. Don’t overdo it!

Pick the right font; something legible and suited to your message. Avoid eccentric fonts, accentuate instead with color and size. They help you stress important words. Other elements such as hashtag, punctuation, emoji and stickers make your message look unique. But don’t over use!

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3- Add text to images

It is a fact of life that image is king on social media. By using images as background to your text messages, you are more likely to gain more attention and reach more people online. Select a contextual picture or a solid background depending on your content to highlight what you have to say.

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Here again, you want to use the knowledge of your audience to get good results. Go loud and bold with fonts and colors if you are creating a meme, lampooning something or sharing your enthusiasm about your favorite sport team. Use a solid or natural background if you are sharing a quote; you want to draw attention to the words, not the background.

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4- Publish on the right social media

Knowing where your readers are and when to reach them online is critical to the success of any campaign. Use analytics to find out target audience behavior. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter is generally a must. Identify the right hashtags, groups, pages or influencers to focus on. Google+ could be added to the mix. Use LinkedIn to reach the professionally minded crowd. Pinterest is also great, especially since you can create groups for your images. Post your image at right time and get more engagement.

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